Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reading Completed


You've completed your assigned reading from John Graham's Outdoor Leadership.

You're welcome to read the rest of the book at your leisure, but once you've finished reading and responding to Chapter 11, you're done with what we'll ask to read from this book.

To be sure, there is much still left to do as far as leadership training goes. It is our hope that you'll go back through the previous reading assignments and posts and revisit some of the concepts and ideas that were brought forth by our discussion.

This process was meant to lay a theoretical foundation upon which we could build the rest of the leadership training process. In the past, we've tried to cram all of the theoretical, practical, spiritual and logistical leadership training into one week (4 days, actually!) and it was a bit much to swallow.

We'll definitely still be busy during that week of leadership training, but hopefully we'll have common vocabulary and theoretical base from which to start.

We're looking forward to the week of leadership training with you all and the rest of the training community (who are all leaders as well!). At that point in time we'll resume our formal leadership training, but until then be thinking about a few key things:

- What lessons have you learned from this process thus far?
- How will you pass on what you've learned to your co-leader? To your team?
- What steps do you need to be taking to continue to prepare for this summer?
- How can you be praying for your team? Your partner? Your fellow fulltimers?

Thanks for all of your participation thus far, it's been a great learning process for everyone, including me!

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